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Healing Hands

Who We Are

Founded in 2010, GreenLafleur Homecare specializes in elder care. We provide compassionate, customized care to older adults who wish to age in the comfort and security of their own home. GreenLafleur also supports clients who choose to live in retirement homes and assisted living facilities.

Wherever you call home we’re there to help.

Home Health Solutions

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Our Purpose

We recognize that among the elderly, persons with disabilities, and anyone else for that matter, there is a growing desire – albeit, an increasing need – to receive respectful and liberating care at home, wherever home is.

Old and Young

Our Vision

We envision a homecare revolution, a future where private homecare providers led by GreenLaFleur cooperate seamlessly with not-for-profit and public organizations and professionals to provide widely accessible, self-directed and liberating in-home care services across the social continuum.

Cheerful Seniors

Our Values

Accountability. We must conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with the contracts we enter, the claims we make, and the general conduct expected of a professional. We will keep our promises. 

Communication. We will take steps to ensure that all stakeholders are given the means to have their voices heard and valued in decision-making processes. We will listen. 

Community. While we aspire to become an industry-leading homecare services provider, we do so with a sense of humility, an understanding that the communities and professional networks in which we operate house the true agents of our success. We will get involved in our communities. 

Integrity. We will act in an ethical, moral and responsible manner in all our interactions. 

Safety. The safety of our clients and our employees is of paramount concern. We will task ourselves with implementing the appropriate systems and processes that will ensure a safe environment. 

Loving Couple

Code of Ethics

GreenLaFleur recognizes the importance of providing quality in-home health care. As a service provider, we will provide staff for the delivery of in-home health care in the privacy of our client’s home or facility. Our services will be provided in accordance with the following code of ethics:

1. We will continually strive to provide quality health care services to our clients in the highest professional manner. 


2. We will fully comply with the Ontario Human Rights Code.


3. We will take all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our clients and employees. 


4. We will match the skills and experience of our employees to the specific needs of our clients. 


5. We will respect the client’s right to privacy and all care plans. 


6. We will abide by all Federal, Provincial and local laws. 


7. We will be involved with community agencies to improve our standard of care. 


8. For the protection of our clients, employees, and ourselves, we will carry professional liability insurance. 

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